When Your Best Friend Becomes a Job

Growing up, I loved doing a lot of things that I thought would be great ideas to take up career choices. I ventured into playing the Sims and building homes was aboutctfe best thing ever to me. Even creating spacious interiors and layouts, drawing plans on paper to build them on my video game later was a dream come true. On the surface, it was awesome, so I dove into drafting (architecture) fresh out of high school. The first thing I will say is that it’s not the same as the sims at all. The sims didn’t have tape measures, special writing styles on vellum paper, or foundations that needed to be properly taken care of before being built over. There’s much more to it than I thought and the more in-depth it became, the more boring it became to me. I still live my sim’s life, hurt by the truth that I was exposed to at such a young-adult age. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the last venture.

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