When Will People Notice Me?!

Traveling the U.S., I’ve come across lots of authors who have self-published through Createspace, Smashwords, Draft2Digital, etc. with no success. After conducting short interviews with them over lunch, I came to an interesting conclusion. A few of them expected their books to sell themselves (which your story has to be made of gold to accomplish) and most thought selling a good story was having a good story.

I proceeded to ask, “How often do you do this?”

“Do what?”, confused lunchee asked.

“Talk about anything with strangers.”

“Not often.”

I explained how that is the biggest downfall to most people with whatever they want to do as a career. Working for yourself just means all of the earnings is yours but, if no one knows what you’re selling, you won’t earn. Communication is a key element to achieving anything because people like people who talk to them. You follow someone on Twitter, they may smile and follow you back; an example of effective communication through action. I introduce myself by first and last name at every greeting, making people wonder why. When they go home and find out, they find me and we communicate. Everyone won’t buy what you’re selling, but who needs sales when you can have lunch?

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