The Balance Sheet

Marc Barnes is a down-on-his-luck accountant, who stumbles upon a job that is meant to turn his luck around. A rude and rich man confuses an accountant for a stock broker but Marc accepts the job anyway, learning everything he can about the trade. The job is a success, giving him the life he’s wanted all along; unfortunately it is very short-lived. As it turns out, the man who hired him had stolen the money that Marc had been investing and is killed for his crime, leaving Marc in a terrible situation. His previous employer invested all of the money, without Marc’s knowledge, so he is forced into working for the organized crime syndicate for no financial gain. With his life crashing down around him and the dangers of the mafia life merging with his, he must make changes to save what life he has left from the outside in before he is killed. Join Marc as he attempts to save himself from the criminals who own him.