Taking The Risk

When I first started out with my book writing, I was still working a full time job that I loved. It got the bills paid, keeping a roof over my head but then I truly realized how things work in the corporate world.Making a living is exactly what it sounds like and that’s what I was doing for years. Working enough to make just enough money to do what needed to be done, which wasn’t bad, overall. Suddenly, comfort sets in then you decide to pledge loyalty to a company who claims to pledge the same loyalty to you as an employee with promises of advancements and raises. Going years without a reward, aside from signed paychecks, I took my step off of the corporate ladder at age 24 to pursue a full time author career.

“When you work to make just enough to survive, all you’re doing is surviving, not living.” -Avery Nunez

My daughter was born October 2015 and I told myself that I wanted to spend as much time in her life as possible, pledging my loyalty to her. I do occasionally work the extra roll in a movie or wiggle the camera around in a tv show, when I feel the need to do so for some extra cash and exposure. If becoming an author is your dream, or if you’re ready to pursue another self-employed profession, it is certainly worth it when you get to see all you’ve missed.

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