Spare Time/Hard Work

One of the perks of being self-employed is that you get the freedom to stop and go as you please. There’s no one saying “Hey… come here… be here at this time… bring my coffee (well maybe you can say it to your employees, if you’ve got any). One downfall about being self-employed is that you may have more of a workload if you have a dream to accomplish. People always say “Work hard now and it’ll pay off in the end.” The part that sucks about that is that you’ll be at the end. Too tired to do anything else but sit at a pool alone in your backyard and repeat “I did what they said.” The key to living a full life is finding the medium between working and playing, not putting one off to do the other. Anyone can easily reach a point where they can comfortably relax in what they have, even if it’s just for a small vacation. Smart choices and never settling down at a single workplace is the key to earning more than you feel you deserve. I meet people daily who only work 3-6 months out of the year and that’s 6-9 months of just doing whatever it is they want to do.

Advice: DON’T follow in my footsteps and work as hard as you can unless you truly have to.

Every decision I make, earns me more money toward achieving my dream of becoming a successful author but I don’t stop because I have someone else’s future in my hands. Not saying that this is a bad thing but living up to someone else’s expectation isn’t going to work unless you have the same opportunities and are twins.

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