Menta-Life was born in the year 2072. A corporation that lets citizens live lives through a mass server as a means to rebuild what the human race destroyed. Mentally extending the human lifespan. In order for the server to work, placement of a “microdot” onto the brain’s analytical portion is required; a device about the size of a single hair follicle. An intricate piece of art. From the start, surgical placement costs five thousand aers. Serving as a connection to the intranet. Then connection of the intranet synchronizes directly to brain stems. After the operation, the microdot is slowly reeled inward by each thumping pulse. Taking two days to reach the analytic center.

With placement and a link to the simulated outside world, the brain decelerates into thinking, but not believing, it’s living regularly during Life; this allows slumbering users control over themselves while others around them live as normal beings. Upon returning, staff settles the client into a secure location. A necessary, comfortable, quiet environment to initiate a medically induced coma. Assure an uninterrupted sleep for three days; the amount of real time taken to live a ninety-year Life from admittance to passing. Shorter stay, dependent on age and transpiring events. Keeping a client under and providing nutrients while comatose costs fifteen thousand aers per visit.

Dreaming begins; Life begins. The mental world is fully based around shared internet data streams. Clients in their mental Life have complete access to everything the world has to offer, regardless of choice to access it. If a real-world traffic accident occurs near a dreaming client’s location, they will experience horrible traffic conditions once information is uploaded to the internet. If close enough, they will witness the accident as described. The occurrence and all surrounding data are implemented as a Rapid Major Event. Past sub-events are also in place to keep the mind flowing with old and new information, spreading over duration.

If a citizen chooses to make their online social media profile publicly available, a client can unintentionally access it; possibly meet the digital citizen, getting to know the stranger as rivals or becoming the best of friends. Then gainful opportunities. Shared online courses are made available, transforming Life into a handy tool for those openly seeking knowledge. Clients can achieve astronomical certification in one day’s real time, dedicating an adequate number of years to the demanding effort required of that position. In turn, a criminal can work up to status of crime lord.

No being in Life is real yet information and reactions are as real as can be. If the client pushes someone, that someone could push back based on their online persona. Be it with force or informing officers. On that note, ignorance to law does not excuse a client from consequence and repercussion. If someone commits a crime, law enforcement responses are arranged by distance and calculated pursuit time, followed by culprit apprehension to the best of their ability. Those with fetishes, like sadists, love the Life server. They go through their mental Life, harming as many citizens as possible, before getting cornered and going down with a fight. Once the client is deceased, they awaken, and their server time is concluded. The connection must stay linked for three consecutive days unless the client passes on during their Life. Unknown side effects may occur, if woken otherwise. Predictions more mentally violent but similar to waking a sleepwalker.

A brain can only withstand the server for a full seventy-two hours. Not a minute longer. If multiple visits are made before a two-day rest period, the body will begin to gradually shut sense perceptions. First stage being the ability to walk. Basic motor skills. Of course, relearning isn’t impossible. Experimentation on additional stages were never trialed due to safety concerns for test subjects in an already scarce humanity. Two additional safety protocols about the Life server: no one can regress younger than their current age and it’s impossible to access a Life within a Life.

The corporation is sworn, by written statement, to privacy. Language stated on contract and signed at the initial screening process. Citizens continually returned. Menta-Life is the leading corporation, becoming addiction after going public with a free Life trial offer. Soaring higher at the media takeover which they basically had an indirect hand in reestablishing, along with most of the New World itself. Regrown populations take to Menta-Life as a symbol of hope, crowning their inexperienced rulers with branches existing at the five city’s hearts. More than well-funded by its clients. Since citizens can do as they please in their mental Life, crime rates declined drastically; reforming inhabitants with clean histories. The corporation has done well by the people, single-handedly aiding rapidly increased technological efforts. Far surpassed achievements collectively with the digitally manufactured safe space for those to educate themselves and invent within. Thriving in external expansion. Elderly have shared knowledge of the past; researchers share knowledge of the active present; prodigies theorize potential futures. Menta-Life has changed the world for everyone…