Music and Work

When I was growing up, I couldn’t figure out why my teachers never liked me wearing my earphones while I did my classwork. Not only was I not able to hear them but… oh wait… Any who, I was asked if I use music as a motivator when I write. My answer: “Yeah, music is a great way to maintain focus.” Whenever I’m working on a book, I use music as a way to mute out everything around me and I feel like that’s a requirement. I mean, yeah you won’t here the garbage truck ram into your house or the cat trapped in the bag (get it, cat’s out the bag! Snap) but you’ll at least hold your train of thought. One trick that keeps me going even more is not being reckless with my music choice. When my focus is on 100%, I can write pretty much anything, but there are times when the music doesn’t fit the scene. Ever tried writing romance with death metal in your ears? I have and it is not pleasant. So I stick to the theme that I’m working on. Beautiful things going on? Tune in to something classical. Carnage and destruction? Rock and let the writing roll. It’s a lot easier to tune yourself with your work because you need to step into your character’s world to create their life.

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