Message to Sci-fi Readers

I’ve been working on a series of six books geared toward sci-fi and am looking for feedback from readers such as YOU. Feel free to visit my site for “Menta-Life” book 1.

The series revolves around a smuggler, Vanessa Pheros, who becomes entangled with a revolutionary group that’s goal is to destroy the Menta-Life Corporation. The corporation stands accused of stealing ideas from their clients through their memories, in order to further advance their reputation as a symbol of hope in the world they’ve already saved. With the loss of a memory, similar to a spider web, citizen’s minds have been unraveling, regressing them to their most basic animal instincts of survival. Van is paid a million aers of digital currency to assist in stopping Menta-Life, seeking more riches with success.

All feedback is welcome and appreciated! Book 2 is currently being posted as well, descriptions I’ve written are on each tab. Looking forward to your reviews about this dystopian tale!

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