Menta Life Series

Menta-Life’s origin was meant to be a single story about a woman with a chip on her shoulder and how dominant she is in the peaceful new world; having lost her father at such a young age due to the result of a war. By the time I’d gotten toward the end of the first book, I realized that this world needed a lot more depth to it. This idea launched me forward from one book to three. Halfway through book three, I thought much further ahead with ideas and plot twists that would take a dramatic turn for the worse. Anyone who know’s me, knows I love a good twist of betrayal (potential spoiler… perhaps) and brought Menta-Life from a series of three to four. After even more analysis and freeflowing thoughts of how things can expand 10 times better, the series shot up from four to six. A seventh book may be in the works, an alternate story about the origins of Gene’s choices, mysterious entourage, and exploring more about the origins of the corporation itself. I do hope you read and enjoy my unique writing style. The first four books of the series are already complete, but need editing and book covers to launch so I will get moving for you. For those who have already ventured into the first story, please be patient, as the sequel will be upon you very soon. View each tab for more in-depth updates.