Menta Life Review

A couple of days ago, I received a notification regarding one of my books in the Menta-Life series. Upon investigating, I read the most amazing review I’ve ever had!

“Let me just start by saying that this book does a really good job at grabbing your attention. At first I was a bit skeptical because it didn’t sound like something I would be able to read but I was pleasantly surprised when I became instantly hooked to the story. If you want a book with more action this is definitely the one to read. I don’t want to give anything away but it does seem like a scary future that might be on its way right now. Like I said if you are into action definitely read it. I am personally not into those kinds of books but it did catch my attention and kept me reading. I will tell you this; there was a lot of action scenes and I just wanted to get more information on what Van was looking for but I guess that’s what happens when you find a good story. You just want to get to the end and know everything that happens. There are 6 books to this series though and I won’t be making a review to all of them because it will probably be saying the same thing over and over as to not give any spoilers but I do think this is a series worth reading! Rate: 9”

My heart fell in two when I read this and I just want to send a special thank you to Kennia “SillyBear” for brightening my day with some reading material!

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