Menta-Life: Heroes

Project “Remembrance” has been set in motion by the new tyrant, with plans to reopen the doors of Menta-Life to civilians who have had enough living in the reality of servitude. Being forced into back-breaking labor, in which they have no idea why, the objective is to reel citizens in for the peace they believe they’ll get in the servers. Their minds will be guided into fearless belief that they can fix the old world outside of the domed cities by ridding it of radiation; unaware that there will be a cost, being stripped of their necessary brain functions to feel pain and ultimately dying to change the world.

Having sprung the revolutionaries and government forces being held on an island prison, steps are taken to tear apart everything and begin anew. After rescuing Jerry, the revolution’s new leader, from mech captivity, a plan to go in full strength and take over one city at a time is set in motion; becoming reunited with past allies and uniting an even bigger resistance under her command. With top-class battle mechs, vicious raiders, and even worse paroled prisoners holding the cities hostage, it’s time to prepare for an all-out war in this epic conclusion of the Menta-Life series.