Menta-Life: Downfall

Following the death of Vanessa Pheros, the revolution that stood against the Menta-Life Corporation and inhabited Gharis City has fallen, thanks to a newly arisen adversary. Berkham Technologies has been seized control over and the entire robotic presence has been reprogrammed to unite in defense of a new regime that now holds every city by the throat. Citizens in every city who resisted were forcefully cast out from the enlightened world and back into the battered one. Violent raiders from Teykrys City and prisoners released from the triple maximum prison Sydney Two have been siphoning resources, limiting the civilian’s survival in the wasteland.

Five long years have passed and both worlds are now in a state of decay beyond repair. Amongst one of the few remaining civilizations scattered across the wastelands, a woman with no memory and incredible reflexive skill awakens on a counter in the care of a stranger. Having discovered her near-death and charred in the desert, Max has taken her in to salvage what life he could. With their society on the run from a raider leader with cruel intentions, she struggles to fit in amongst the strangers who are cautious of her sudden appearance in these dire times. Follow “Melanie” on her journey to discover herself and what role her mind leads her to believe she played in the revolution.