Menta-Life: Desertion

Having been set free from the clutches of Menta-Life in New Rellow City, Vanessa Pheros finds herself reunited with the father she believed had been lost to the war 15 years ago. Her peace of mind and reunion is very short-lived. With the unknowing theft of one of her memories and learning of her father’s involvement with Gene Archibald, founder of Menta-Life, Van is back on the clock, once again. The goal? Retrieve her lost memory from a secret underground memory facility, before ultimately becoming one of the people her father wants to save; freeing the minds of the Deserted, who had their memories taken from them. Forcing citizens to see Menta-Life’s involvement in what’s going on underneath Gharis City, exposing their false savior.

With the exception of one man, the allies in her father’s employ are not capable of taking on such a big corporation, leading into a search for an elite team of talented misfits. Constant problems between those with different agendas in mind for the fate of the corporation and facing off against the illustrious entourage with altered capabilities make the tasks much more difficult. For the first time, explore the new world outside of Gharis City, running into some familiar friends and new rivals as Van ventures to take back what’s been taken from her.