Menta-Life: Defiance

Everything that was anything to Vanessa Pheros’ new beginning has torn itself apart from under her own feet. Broken, defeated, and lost, she abandons the few who expressed belief in the good she had unintentionally done for the new world; leaving them behind to seek the life she needed. The Deserted have recovered their memories from the secretly twisted corporation, restoring the brain-drained hundreds from devolved savages to rebels with a cause – ready to reunite with the families that they’d been taken from. Forced to remain underground by the Regulators and fear-driven citizens who refuse to accept Menta-Life’s involvement, they are backed into taking action with Van’s team at their side.

Regulator Officers, Robotic Forces, Equility, the mysterious entourage of genetically altered superhumans, and a newly emerged government force believed to no longer exist are all standing in their way. In order to give the Deserted a safe haven to call their own and give them their lives back, they’ll have to fight for it. Chaos is the only solution and the only thing that Vanessa’s in the mood for that will bring humanity’s false savior to its knees. Continue the dystopian tale with our heroic misfits in its most action-packed adventure yet.