Menta-Life: Deception

Menta-Life has fallen to a state worse than crushed and citizens have opened their eyes to the truth that had been residing underneath them. Tireless searching for the illusive Gene Archibald through fallen cities surrounding the new world come to a halt, dealing with trouble in Gharis City; the utmost famed of the dome-covered cities that was illegally staken claim by Vanessa Pheros’ revolution. After living like an average citizen in Gharis City for months, word has spread in the wind of the Menta-Life founder planning a resurface in New Rellow City to answer for his crimes; stealing memories from those who wished to better the new world he created and experimenting on their genetics to create enhanced soldiers for his schemes.

Diving head first into battle, Van returns to make sure she catches up with the missing villain, prepared to give him much more than just a piece of her mind. With her remaining enemies on maximum alert to stop her and the government keeping a keen eye on the city they lost, she plots her revenge. The best opportunity approaches to find out that it may actually be the worst nightmare of her life. Unwanted words and missing puzzle pieces fit together, finally leading her down the trail of Booker; divided yet together, Vanessa searches for the missing entourage member who she believes is a small loose end, while her allies seek a bigger target that’s much closer to home for the revolution itself. Uncover the final piece of the conspiracy.