IMPORTANCE of Ed-diting

I’m coming up on the finish line of my next book, Quinntella Wallace, and am excited to see the mistakes I’ve made! Wat moroon wuld bee joiful ahbout thisz? Someone not in their right mind. As an author, or even writer, there ALWAYS needs to be a reading point on any piece. I find it fun checking for my own mistakes (I mostly blame auto-correct) and making outlines in a search for continuity. It is a tedious process but necessary. When I finish a book, I read over it one good time, after using Microsoft Word for my corrections. The next step is a swift delivery to my editor for a second pair of (more professional) eyes, giving mine a break. With rested eyes, I go at it with my book one more time, attempting to read it again as if I’ve never done it before. Finally, throw in a submission for a copyright then BOOM! It’s a long game to play but very well worth it. Good luck authors, writers, and readers!

Any tips you’d like to share? Drop in a comment.

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