Good Places to Start Marketing

There are billions of people worldwide who love to be informed about the newest things or current events happening worldwide, so why is it that people don’t see YOU? That’s what I used to ask myself every single day as I sat in front of my computer. Every single day was actually about the length of a week then I gave up and dove into trying an idea for a marketing plan. You can have the greatest product ever developed but, unfortunately, it won’t sell itself. You, as the creator, have to let people know that it’s there and not just wait for someone to stumble across the creation after you leave it behind in an attic by mistake during a move out of town because you gave up then decided to spend the rest of your life in an office somewhere where no one still knows about your invention. Instead of giving up, I began looking into social media. I’m nowhere near being a social media expert but, after a month of honest networking, I managed to get nearly 600 followers on Twitter and thought, hmm… What if these 600 people new about my product? Or what if I found other platforms where hundreds of more people hangout that were tailored specifically to my kind of network? Or what if… blah blah blah!! I started cruising the internet, looking for popular places where I could leave my mark and where people would actually take interest in my work. Where to begin depends on your market so start by researching discussion pages and forums based around what you do to get the ball rolling. For whatever you do, someone out there wants to know about it and is waiting for YOU to drop a message and present it to them with a great sale’s pitch. For any author who wants to know a good starting point, feel free to contact me via email or ask in the comments.

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