Female versus Male

I’ve begun work on a unisex book and am 55K words into writing, with positive feedback from readers on posting platforms. I’d love to get some opinions from those who love reading about fictional crime/drama to see which perspective is chosen and how the flow sticks to their personal gender. By chosen perspective, I mean it exactly as it sounds. The book is meant to fit the characteristics tailored to both sexes, making it open to any ADULT audience. I hope I’ve caught your interest and would love to know what you think about the story. Description below and chapters posted at averynunez.com for free reads. Warning: This book contains material for mature audiences. Reader discretion is advised.

Jordan Greene has an addiction that just can’t be kicked, no matter how difficult the fight; an uncontrollably deep desire for Quinntella Wallace, a psychopathic ex-con who wants to see her name up in the ranks of New York’s most wanted criminal underworld. Jordan surrenders everything to be by Quinntella’s side, in order to seek out an end result of eternal happiness that’s been fantasized about since their childhood. Will Jordan survive through dealing with the murderous drive of Quinntella and her need to be top dog in New York City? Enjoy from the chosen perspective of a male/female in this unisex love story as the worst acts in criminal history unfold.

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