Eye Catching Book (Cover)(Part 2)

Someone looks at the front of your book and says “Hmm… that’s interesting. I wonder what the book looks like. Forget about the inside unless the page’s borders are rainbow colored with a kind of weird inscription printed on the side.” The reader flips around to the back of the book and starts reading an equally important part: the description. This part is the horse that will break the camel’s back and hopefully breach the reader’s wallet along the way. Having the best possible description that reveals just enough about the book to keep the reader interested and yet not too much to make someone say “Oh that’s how it ends? Now that was a great short story.” I ran through quite a few descriptions and eventually hired a professional to create one for me, which worked out perfectly. Admittedly, the story itself could be awful but the description is the one that matters more than the front cover and the interior writing to get a reader attracted. Think of it as dating; you see the title, get to know it a little bit, then get more in detail when you get to actually reading more in further detail over dinner.Good luck! Join my blog at niume.com or follow any of my social media pages for other posts and tips!

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