Eye Catching Book (Cover)(Part 1)

The other day, I had someone ask me “Does my book cover really matter that much?”

My first thought was “Uh yeah, how else are you gonna protect the pages from liquids?”

Fast forward, I was asked just how importance is a book cover and why should I invest time in designing or paying for someone to design one when there are so many free ones available. Loaded question but let me break it down in words that I understand… womp womp, womp womp womp. Now for words you’ll understand. To a reader, the only thing more important than the book’s cover is the story (seeing as those are the only two elements of a book, I’d say it’s important times 9). When you walk into a book store, you’re not going to start reading pages of every book or else you’ll be in there all day and night and tomorrow, making libraries a 24-hour hot spot. What you ARE going to do is look for the sexiest looking book cover and examine the crap out of it then think “wow… this would look so pretty on my shelf. I wonder what it’s about.” Next, of course, the title’s description on the back will be the next point then the words inside. Most people who ever read a book, start the process with spotting an interesting looking cover and tackling down everything from there. On almost all occasions, when a reader has picked up the book, the battle is half over.

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