Attention All Beta-Readers!

Greetings! I’m reaching to those who love to read crazy/scifi/dystopian/action/adventure fiction! And appreciative of those who are just generally interested in reading what I have to say. I started off as novice, like most, and dove into the literary world head first. Had a story to tell and wanted to tell it ASAP. It wasn’t a mistake, but now I’m taking a different approach to the same projects. I bought my own ISBNs to appear more professional as a self-published author; however, this came at a price. As ISBNs are not interchangeable, I had to relaunch my published work as brand new. With it, brand new cover. The unfortunate, BRAND NEW REVIEWS! Every review that made a customer go “This could be a very interesting tale,” has gone out the window, into the harsh winds, and upstream to digital no-man’s land. Then I learned about Goodreads, realizing I only had one (positive, no negative) review there, as the Amazon KDP program only allowed the fishing of Amazon customers who mainly reviewed on the Amazon site. Did I ask my readers to share those reviews to Goodreads also? Nope. But I should’ve. So Beta-Readers and those generally interested, my point is, I’m passing out free eBooks in exchange for reviews.

This work is available on Amazon for a whopping $13.99, eBook at a whopping $2.99. For a review on Amazon and Goodreads, this work is for a whopping FREE! Call now for details! “Menta-Life: Desertion” (Book 2) is also on track for re-release with a new ISBN. Browse my site tabs for details on all of my works, even a sample of book 1 (Pictured above) and reach out to me via email (averyenunez@gmail.com) if you’re ready to step into the future… I’d appreciate a thumbs up on the post if you enjoyed reading it! Thanks and looking forward to connecting with all of you!

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