A Quiet Place 2

Glad we weren’t left hanging long for a sequel or prequel to the most amazing film of 2018! A release date of May 15th, 2020 has already been decided. After seeing the movie, I had planned a prequel of my own starring the same family.

John Krasinski plays an Entomologist who’s brought in to study a discovered insect brought into America from far South. Said insect isn’t the only one of its kind. Not soon after, cities are under siege by creatures that ran across the border to reunite with their Queen. Krasinski and his family must escape deep into the woods until a method of defeating them is found.

This is just my own take on it, but I’m deeply looking forward to this film. A rare gem of sci-fi writing that deserves a broader explanation with an origin story. How are these creatures so fast? Where did they come from? Was it a mistake in a laboratory? Don’t want to wait a year and a half to find out, but I’ve waited longer for less exciting projects. Thoughts?

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